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Our Story..

Back in 2002, I had the stressful opportunity to apply, interview & be hired for my first job as a police officer. After the process I was in desperate need of a vacation which, even though pre-planned was impeccable timing & came in the form of a trip to Aruba.  

With the now "Mrs Mahi Mike", I walked onto the escalator in Aruba International Airport.  As we looked down to the first floor, we observed 2 very familiar faces. Mrs Mahi Mike's aunt & uncle, AKA: "Aruba Jack" & "Caribbean Carol" who happened to have a habit of giving nicknames to their vacationing guests. So as we came down the escalator, Aruba Jack addressed me quite loudly as "Mahi Mahi Mike". It sounded a little crazy at first but really had a pretty cool ring. Over the 2 week period we spent with Aruba Jack & Caribbean Carol, we dropped a Mahi & decided "Mahi Mike®" had an even better ring. It became my new nickname, kind of an alter ego. The stress free beach bum, Coconut Rum drinking me.

"Mahi Mike®" continued to grow into a no worries, stress free attitude & lifestyle.  We talked at length about turning this nickname into much more. We came up with Mahi Mike® Sportswear to express the lifestyle we love in creative, comfortable threads. We had a logo drawn & started to use it with the name on little custom things.   

Early on & even probably now, we were mocked & laughed at about our vision.  We even had "friends" inquire about buying our merchandise as gag gifts for Yankee swaps & Secret Santa's. That has only strengthened our drive & determination to create an authentic lifestyle brand that truly embodies the love we have for the beach, golf, fishing, & surfing. 

I have dedicated the past 15 years of my life to other people, most I don't even know & that will continue for at least the next 10. Hopefully when it's complete, I can settle in on a beach somewhere & relax for good.

Though life is hard & times can be tough, we strive to remain loose & fun. We can only hope that this type of lifestyle & attitude will trickle down to our 3 kids & prove, that if you feel strongly & passionately enough about something, you can be whoever or whatever you want to be.  Except for a unicorn.  Unicorns are awesome, but they aren't real.

-"Mahi Mike®"

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