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Fabio is a 23 year old Professional MMA Fighter out of Bridgewater, MA. He is currently 1-0 as a professional fighter & recently wrapped up his amateur career with a 4-1 record.  

He spent time after High School as military as a reservist who is planning on attending EMT/paramedic school to be prepared to eventually become a Firefighter. "The Buffalo's" main goal is fighting.  He is currently ranked in the Top 15 in 2 different weight classes in New England MMA. (7th in the Light Heavyweight division & 13th in the Middleweight division) & is also ranked #25 in the U.S. Northeast as a Light Heavyweight.  Fabio has a large local fan base & a great support system with all the resources in place to help him succeed.  Fabio has all of the physical skills & charismatic personality to succeed in the fight game. You can find him on 
Instagram at: @buffalomma8 & on Facebook at: Fabio Cherant.

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